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Introducing myDigiDAS: A network built by people with Autism for people with Autism

We’ve spent the past two years listening to the priority needs of you, our parents/carers and stakeholders. You’ve told us that you’d like to see an online presence and further specific service. So, we’ve designed an entire social network based on this. On it, you can find new friends, talk about your special interests, stay up-to-date with the other Autistic people, look for a relationship, organise swaps of materials, books and media, buy new materials, low-cost DAS holidays at our beautiful Ashbourne Heights site with great facilities, stunning surroundings, and a great number of well-being boosting and developmental local attractions.

We are immensely proud to introduce myDigiDAS, our flagship community service. You can sign up below, and let us know what you’d like to see on the platform itself or by filling in the form below.

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A place to chat, learn and develop

Whether you’re looking to talk to new people, existing friends or find a group dedicated to your special interests, myDigiDAS has it all.

We have groups for adult social skills, hill-walking, friendships, peer mentoring and so much more — and we’re growing all the time!

With support for all in mind…

Our platform can be used by parents/carers of people with Autism. There’s an online version of our existing group, which had to meeting in person during COVID-19, and it’s there for anybody who needs to access it.

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