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I absolutely love this - think it's a wonderful idea and so nice to see a difficult situation turned into a positive! 😊


On understanding that we'd moved children's clubs online during the pandemic

I absolutely love this - think it's a wonderful idea and so nice to see a difficult situation turned into a positive! 😊


On understanding that we'd moved children's clubs online during the pandemic

I just wanted to email to say thank you for your support and understanding over the last week or so. I've been having a really hard time and it's comforting to know there's such a supportive team to rely on at DAS. 


A member of staff on our supportive nature

C, you are absolute star. Thank you so much. B is lovely and we are so thankful for all she does with T. We are really pleased with the group and want to thank you and team at DAS for your services.


A children's group service user's Mum

Your post on friendship really resonates with me; I couldn't put it into words, so thank you.


Facebook Page user responding out our Autistic member of staff's post on friendship and loneliness

I have heard how much J has valued your support B and I have appreciated connecting up with you. Your commitment and care shone through all your emails. I hope the two of you can arrange a good ending for your time together.


On learning about the support that we offer a client

As usual, everything is going brilliantly - E is so relaxed it's unbelievable, and is enjoying the company of both T and E.


Parent of Autistic child commending our support

I would like to say that the quality of support that I have received over the years from DAS Family Support Workers and the office team, has always been very good. I would like to add that the feedback that I received from L and G to my query yesterday was also very good


A service user commending us on our service

Once again, please do pass on my thanks to T. As I say, you and T have been integral to ensuring this move goes as well as it possibly can for D. I really do appreciate all of your support.


Parent commending our services

First, thank you both for taking the time and delivering such an informative talk. I and N loved the session. I’m in the process for collecting some feedback from our students. As soon as I receive, I’ll send them through. 

It’s great to hear that your charity is aware about the public trust issues in charities and you are being innovative and transparent in your activities. I’m happy to share your email to the students., so they will know how you operate your fund raising activities.

I believe, there are opportunities for us to work in the future as you mentioned. Hopefully, I’ll be in touch with you in January and discuss my plan.

University Lecturer at Derby Business School

Our CEO and Marketing and Development Officer delivered a guest lecture on the structure of DAS and the third sector, its challenges and opportunities and how we work for our clients

I just wanted to say thank you for the presentation last week.

Everyone found it really informative and we have had some really positive feedback.

B, Homestart Manager

On our Autism training

I called you on Wednesday about my client, I wanted to update you on how he has been doing. He notified me today that he has been doing a lot better mentally, and that he’s starting to access more help; through the job centre for employment and benefits, and he even booked a GP appointment to discuss his mental health.


A member of staff conveying some positive feedback from a client he was supporting

K contacted us at the recommendation of her colleagues, she said that she had hear positive things about DAS and through that we may be the right organisation to support her 16yr old daughter.

Community feedback

We'd received great feedback from others who had encouraged a parent to approach us for support for their daughter

M said when he got in the car that he didn’t realise how much he missed having DAS's support and how much it was effecting his mental health during lockdown.


A client expressing how much he missed our support during lockdown

We cannot thank you enough for your support and hope that you did not see our decision as a negative but rather a positive outcome. With O now in a position to go to university her needs are obviously different and she has developed and grown and I see this as a really good achievement for her, me and yourselves. We have all worked extremely hard and given her the basis to begin to build a future for herself. I for one, will never forget, or be able to thank you enough for the support you have given us when no one else seemed to notice or care about our difficulties. You have helped us through a very dark and difficult time and I am so pleased that we now find ourselves in the position we do, where we can think about moving on.


I am particularly grateful to Gail, for initially understanding our problems and giving us help even when we couldn’t get financial support and for her continued kindness and help throughout. I am also very grateful to Sadie, O's support worker who has been phenomenal. She has gone above and beyond in her help for the family and has a fantastic understanding of autism. I hope that the authorities will realise what a massive support DAS is for autism families and that they are the experts on autism families and their needs, and will take their advice when putting their support in place.

C B, parent

Complimenting DAS' support services

I would like to say that T helped me today also.  She did not put this in the report but, for 5 minutes, her ear and understanding was invaluable.  

R D, parent

Commending one of our Family Support Workers on their great empathy

I just had another phone call from [a residential social landlord] about it and said that its stopped now but will let you know it it happens again thank you for helping me with it.

J, service user

Emailing Gail, our Operations Manager, to thank us for our help with resolving a housing issue

We have all been really happy to work with B; his gentle nature, his sensitivity, and his consistency have been very much appreciated.  The regular Zoom sessions he has held with T over the last six months have been a real lifeline for T, and have helped enormously to keep him steady, and that has helped us all, as I'm sure you understand.  B has introduced us all to the technology, and it's been a great help.

B & A, parents

Commending one of our Family Support Workers, Ben, for his help with their son via our online services

I also must complement you on the presentation you did with staff here at Alfreton, it was the most interesting talk I have attended here whilst doing my job!! (Autism Awareness)

R W, Assisted Services Coach

Complimenting our Autism training

Attending your fab sat group has been the only thing we have for nicholas so we are so thankful for your sat club!

B P, parent

On our Saturday clubs

We had the most amazing feedback about your presentation at the forum!

R B, Community Worker

Commending us for our Autism training

My son, M, had a lovely time at the Buxton Saturday group today, and was made to feel very welcome.

P S, a parent

Commending our Saturday clubs

Did my own little evaluation as well, and the replies were very positive. Some want another session so I will investigate this possibility. I will also talk to the lead person for the 14-19 study programme to see if we can do a fund raising event with the young people.

J G, County Council

Commending us on Autism training

Thank you to C for delivering a short training presentation to us last week, it was very interesting and led to a good discussion around autism.

J B, Carer's Association

Commending us on Autism training

I’m just writing to express our thanks for being able to stay in the Lodge at Ashbourne Heights for the second year running now.

We had a lovely week’s holiday in August. Our 12 year old daughter has Aspergers which for us means that it is difficult to travel too far and also familiarity of place and routine is important.  Both she and her sister love the pool and the lodge is great.

So thank you once again. We are grateful that this facility is available.

C & A, parents of a family with an Autistic child

Commending our lodge facilities

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