Introducing DigiDAS

We are proud to introduce our client-led service offering. Use the boxes below to find out more about all of our services.


With 30 years of experience delivering support services to people with autism, we are experts by experience.

Our Autism Experts will agree goals that you would like to see and work with you to get to them.


Our FSWs are thoroughly trained and have experience supporting people across the spectrum with various co-morbid conditions. They are here to help you in Derbyshire.

Remote Mentoring

Our Autism Experts and Family Support Workers offer Autistic people across the UK virtual, face-to-face support.

They can work with Autistic people directly, or they can be referred by a parent/carer or professional.

Self-Refer or Refer

Digital provision is popular and we can work with you on specific goals that you agree with your worker.


We've been listening to Autistic people in and around Derbyshire and are proud to launch an online community featuring groups, forums, messaging and courses to fit Autistic people.

It was built by an Autistic person with neurodiverse needs in mind.

Join Us

MyDigiDAS is free to register and to join groups and forums, with the opportunity to access free and paid-for courses.

It was built by an Autistic with Autistics in mind.


We've moved our groups online, with the needs of Autistic people in mind.

No matter whether you're an Autistic child, a parent/carer, or an Autistic adult looking at socialising, you can find the perfect fit here.

All Groups

Whether you have requirements for your CPD, you need to know how you can support your child better, or gain access to employment, we can help.

Training for Professionals

Our training for professionals has been well-received across Derbyshire, with high levels of positive feedback.

We design your training to your needs.

Direct from Experts

Our training is delivered by experts through experience, with Autistic people, Autistic specialists and the parents of Autistic people.
br>It's designed and delivered by specialists.

Training for Autistic People

We have a range of partnerships to which we can refer you to specific training that you might find useful.

Connect and Learn

Get in contact with us and we will point you in the right direction.

Parents and Carers Support

We have an extensive network of parents and carers in and around Derbyshire.

We will be holding regular online events.

Join our Group

If you're a parent or carer for someone with Autism, we are here to help you as a support network.

Information & Advice

We are here for you as an Autistic person for information and and advice.

We also provide information and advice to Autistic people, their families, friends and employers.


If you have a question about Autism or any support services that are available to you, or a loved one, please get in touch.

Personal Support

With 30 years of experience delivering support services to people with autism, we are experts by experience. Our Autism Experts will agree goals that you would like to see and work with you to get to them.

Direct from our Experts

Our Autism Experts are thoroughly trained and have experience supporting people across the spectrum with various co-morbid conditions. They are here to help you.

Free Membership

We've listened to autistic people and what they say that they want from digital services, that's why we've launched a free autistic social network, access to a range of specialist resources and peer support forums.

Connect and Learn

So, with our free membership, you can sign up and have access to our social network, peer support forums, and our vast library of resources.

NHS, Social Care or Parent/Carer Referral

If you're an NHS, Social Care, parent/carer, you can refer anyone to our services easily.


If you think that someone could benefit from our services, or if you are a parent/carer who could benefit from support, then refer here.

Place Coaching

This coaching will help you build your own vision of success and to plan how you can help yourself access local opportunities to meet your objectives.


We want you to get the best opportunities to develop your life in the way you want this to be. We want you to develop connections and access assets around you that will help you with this.


We have a library of resources for Autistic people, which offer links to other websites in addition to our own information.

We've compiled a list to help you understand your condition and get the most out of life.


With a wide variety of topics from self-care to employment to accessing grants and funding, we have a wide range of resources here.

Advocacy & Partnerships

We are always interested in advocating for Autistic people. If you have a need, or an idea, or indeed would like to partner with us, we would like to hear from you.

Contact Us

If you have a requirement for advocacy, or you'd like to suggest partnering with us, please contact us.

Our Lodge

We have a beautiful respite lodge in Fenney Bentley, Ashbourne on a site with a swimming pool, pub, shop and lots of other facilities.

It is suitable for respite visits or for family holidays.

From our Partner

Our partner deals with lodge bookings. If you'd like to book it, get in contact here for pricing.


We provide online therapy for Autistic people by psychotherapists and psychologists who are specialists within the field.

We are proud to offer this service remotely or face-to-face.

Online and Offline Therapy

You can find out more about, and access this service, here.

My Autism Works

We have worked closely with employers and continue to do so to open the space for Autistic people to access employment.

If you're interested in a job or becoming a partner...

Contact Us

... then please get in contact with us.

Active Autism

We are passionate about exercise and Autism. We advise on not only its importance to mental and physical health, but how to access it to people who are Autistic and their parents/carers.

Information and Partnerships

View our Active Autism resources and get in contact with us if you'd like further information or to explore partnership opportunities.

Leaders' Think Tank

We believe that Autistic people not only should lead the way in which they access support, but we are also champions of Autism in leadership.

Our research and network are growing.

Thinking as Autistics

Find out more about our research group.

Online Shop

We have a great range of sensory products and books available in our shop, alongside the ability to purchase hours to top up your support with a remote worker.

The Shop

Whether you'd like to buy a miniature sensory room, mood bands, or you'd like extra time with your remote worker, we have it covered in the shop.

Person-centred is at the core of everything we do
We work with clients and their families to agree objectives that we work towards in sessions remotely, just as we would if we were seeing clients face-to-face.

For your convenience, we will also be linking to other service providers here.

Targeted interventions on demand
We can provide training and support for a plethora of problems which have correlation with autism. These include: anxiety, stress management, anger management, budgeting, household management and so much more. You can contact us to find out what else we can offer to you.