Introducing DigiDAS

We are proud to introduce our client-led service offering. Use the boxes below to find out more about all of our services.

Information & Advice

We provide information and advice to Autistic people, their families, friends and employers.


If you have a question about Autism or any support services that are available to you, or a loved one, please get in touch.

Mentoring by Family Support Worker

Our FSWs are experienced trusted friends working with you in the community to better understand your Autism and to develop yourself so that you can lead a more thriving life.


We work with clients and Family Support Workers to our clients to find the best fit for you.

Remote Mentoring

Our FSWs are experienced trusted friends working with you remotely to better understand your Autism and to develop yourself so that you can lead a more thriving life.

Direct from our Family Support Workers

We work with clients and Family Support Workers to our clients to find the best fit for you.


DAS works in partnership with Orca Healthcare, who provide personalised or family therapy. This is delivered by qualified and experienced specialist psychologists.

Online and Face-to-Face Therapy

You can find out more about, and access this service, here.

Place Coaching

This coaching will help you build your own vision of success and to plan how you can help yourself access local opportunities to meet your objectives.


We want you to get the best opportunities to develop your life in the way you want this to be. We want you to develop connections and access assets around you that will help you with this.

Parents and Carers Support

We have an extensive network of parents and carers in and around Derbyshire.

We will be holding regular online events.

Join our Group

Join myDigiDAS and click the parents/carers group to join.


We run adults and children's social clubs facilitated by experienced DAS Family Support Workers.

All Clubs

Adults undertake social and learning activities together. Children's clubs provide fun and developmental activities.


We are building a library of resources for Autistic people, which offer links to other websites in addition to our own information.

We've compiled a sample list and to hear from you about what you want.


With a wide variety of topics from self-care to employment to accessing grants and funding, we have a wide range of resources here.

The TeN Think Tank

We believe that Autistic people should be leading the way in developing a greatly improved and environment and services for Autism.

This existing and growing network is passionate about bringing positive change.

Thinking as Autistics

The TeN think tank reflects on the big issues and advises within strategic networks.

Autism-Friendly Holidays

DAS holidays at our beautiful Ashbourne Heights site with great facilities, stunning surroundings, and a great number of well-being boosting and developmental local attractions.


If you'd like to book a holiday, get in contact here for pricing.

We want you to get the best prices and will be offering deals to members.

Online Shop

We will have a great range of useful products and books available in our shop, alongside the ability to purchase support sessions with specialists.

The Shop

Whether you'd like to buy a miniature sensory room or mood bands, we will have it available in our shop or swap shop.

My Autism Works

We know that Autism can be a strength when it comes to a great number of jobs, and we also are acutely aware of the barriers facing Autistic people and employment.

We want to hear from you and employers who would like to change that.

Get in Contact

If you recognise the benefits of Autism in the workplace or are looking for employment, please get in touch.

Advocacy & Partnerships

We are always interested in advocating for Autistic people and improving services. If you have a need, idea, or would like to partner with us, we would like to hear from you.

Contact Us

Your Community

We've been listening to Autistic people in Derbyshire and are proud to launch an online community featuring groups, forums, messaging and courses to fit Autistic people.

It was designed, built and tested by experts by experience.

Join Us

MyDigiDAS is free to register and to join groups and forums, with the opportunity to access free and paid-for courses.


Our training for front-line organisations and professionals has been well-received across Derbyshire, with high levels of positive feedback.

We are widening our training offer and want to hear what you'd like.

Direct from Experts

Our training is designed and delivered by experts by experience, with Autistic people, Autistic specialists and the parents of Autistic people.

Active Autism

We are passionate about exercise and Autism. We advise on its importance to mental and physical health and how Autistic people and and their parents/carers can access it.

Get Active

We are currently working on three new exercise-based projects with partners.

Person-centred is at the core of everything we do
We work with clients and their families to agree objectives that we work towards in sessions remotely, just as we would if we were seeing clients face-to-face.

For your convenience, we provide information and links to other Autism services here.

Targeted interventions on demand
We can provide training and support for a plethora of problems which have correlation with autism. These include: anxiety, stress management, anger management, budgeting, household management and so much more. You can contact us to find out what else we can offer to you.