DigiFriend: Making Friends

DigiFriend: Making friends

One of the biggest things that we know about Autistic people is that the community does want to experience friendships, but that often it’s difficult to find ways in which to relate to people. We know from our own experience in the community and from our own experts by experience that it can be difficult for Autistic people to relate on their own terms and feel safe in an environment.

That’s why one of our key components to our online community, myDigiDAS, is DigiFriend. It’s a group solely committed to opening the space for you to meet like-minded people who are Autistic or are our allies.

You can feel safe within this community. We have heavy moderation within the site, and if you ever feel that a post is unsafe, all you need to do is report it and it will be hidden before it’s moderated.

So, have you ever wondered who else out there is interested in physics, sewing, mountain climbing, rock, current affairs, or whatever your own interest may be? You might just find someone on our group.

You can sign up to myDigiDAS here, and then all you need to do is join the DigiFriend group to get going.

We aim to host a welcoming community in which people positively support one another, that there is no judgement of people, their values, ideas, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability status or religion. The only criteria is that you must be Autistic, a parent/carer of someone with Autism or committed to improving the enabling environment of people with Autism to join this group.