DigiDate: Finding a Partner

DigiDate: Find a Partner

We know that it’s difficult out there in the world of dating, and this is often amplified when you are Autistic.

You told us that one of the things that you’d like to see from us is help in relationship-building, so that’s what we’ve done. When you sign up to myDigiDAS, you will have the option of being able to let people know if you’re interested in a relationship and what your preferences are. 

We aim to host a welcoming community in which people positively support one another, that there is no judgement of people, their values, ideas, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability status or religion. The only criteria is that you must be Autistic, a parent/carer of someone with Autism or being and supportive about people and Autism. When you sign up to DigiDAS, if you indicate that you’d like to join the group, then you will receive an invitation.

You can use the group to chat in, to post information about you to someone who you might be interested in connecting with, talk to each other about your experiences of dating and what they’ve been like. The idea is to make this space your own.

We will heavily moderate the group, but if you see anything that goes against our community standards, you should always report it.

You should be open to the idea of dating, but there is no expectation of you to engage and if you ever feel pressured or that something is wrong, always report it to us. You will find ways to report things very easily on the portal.