About Us

About us

Derbyshire Autism Services has been providing support services for Autistic people and their parents and carers for over thirty years. Our support has historically only been community-based. We have provided information and advice, our very popular family support/mentoring services, short breaks in beautiful surroundings, children’s and adult social skills and development groups and advocacy. We support a popular parents/carers group, which is run by experts by experience. We deliver specialist Autism training to organisations and businesses across the county.

Following very successful tests over the last two years, we have now introduced a wide variety of new digital services. In addition to the new online mentoring, we are now pleased to launch myDigiDAS, a social network built by and for Autistic people, allies and parents/carers. The social network is free to access and has a range of groups and forums in which you can chat, learn and develop at your own pace — and, crucially to connect and create your own space to thrive.

myDigiDAS has been created to ensure that you can access tools and resources based on your feedback on the type of support you most need. 

We have included an online shop which make it easiest for you to access the best media and equipment for Autism.

We would love for you to take a look around the website and let us know what you’d like to see as a service by getting in touch.